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Apple Emulators & Virtual Machines - Apple II - /// - IIgs

If circumstances prevent you from working / playing with your favorite Apple II software because you don't have a REAL Apple II on your desk, don't despair. Apple II emulation, once the stuff of dreams, is now reality.

Before you begin...

Be aware that every hardware emulator now available for all Apple II machines will somehow require the ROM coding from a real Apple II machine. Many of the emulators will give you instructions on how to easily obtain the ROM for you to properly run your emulator. There are pirate copies of bootleg ROM code that have been made available at different places on the web. Understand that Apple II or IIgs ROM code or ROM images available online (either on the web or by ftp) are illegal copies of this software. A2-Web does not endorse, suggest, or recommend that anyone obtain pirated software, and strongly discourages anyone from attempting to secure Apple II ROM code by this method. Caveat Lector.

A2SERVER - by Ivan

Apple II Oasis For Windows - by BG Universal Software

Applesoft BASIC Interpreter in Javascript

Bernie ][ The Rescue

Catakig - 8 bit emulation for the Mac. By Colin Klipsch

IIe - by Victor and Vincent Tan



Sara: an Apple /// Emulator for the Mac


Virtual ][: an Apple II+ Emulator for Mac OS X

XGS : The Portable Apple IIGS Emulator

XGS-DOS: An Apple IIGS Emulator for DOS

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